(Each therapy includes 10mins foot bath)

〇Aromatherapy Massage 100 mins ¥12,000
〇Reflexology       60 mins ¥8,000
〇Indian Head Massage  60 mins ¥8,000
〇Seitai  80 mins ¥10,000
*Japanese therapeutic treatment of manipulating one’s bones and muscles to improve physical conditions with one’s clothes on

〇Prenatal(Pregnancy)Aromatherapy Massage 100 mins ¥12,000
〇Post Natal Massage Aromatherapy Massage100 mins ¥12,000

〇Carbon Far-infrared Dome 30 mins ¥4,000
〇Yomogi Steam Bath 30 mins ¥4,000
*Korean style vaginal steam bath sitting on an open-seated stool above a boiling pot of blended mugwort water
*reduce stress, regulate menstrual cycles, and aid infertility,
〇Bemer Therapy 30 mins ¥4,000
*pulsed electromagnetic waves to stimulate the muscles and increase blood circulation



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